No working IVR or directory destinations with Broadvoice trunk, but IVR or directory destinations works with zap trunk

Hello all,

I am running the current version of FreePBX. I have setup my Broadvoice trunk making sure it was registered and can complete a call to a created extension on my sytem both inbound and outbound with the extension. The problem is when I try to have the IVR answer the inbound Broadvoice trunk or set the Broadvoice trunk to go to directory of extensions.

If I send it to the IVR or directory in Incoming Routes, the Broadvoice trunk gives me a fast busy signal. If I send the Broadvoice trunk back to a extension it would complete the call.

Has anyone seen this problem? I have all the current module upgrades on my system done, but it will not complete the call to the IVR or the directory. The IVR and directory destinations do however work on my zap trunk created.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Hurley

There are to few details to try and help you. Please provide the following:
A call trace of this happening.
State the actual version numbers of things you are using.

We ask for version numbers for several reasons. 1. believe it or not some people do actually search the forum messages for solutions to problems they are having and as of your writing this message you might be the current latest version, somebody 6 or 9 months from now will not know what version you are suing when somebody searches and finds this thread.

  1. Also it becomes hard when you realize that FreePBX has one set of version numbers and for reasons we’ll not go into Trixbox forked a copy of FreePBX and to be be sure they were different they use a totaly different numbering system (and mirroring setup) which does not match up with the FreePBX numbers.

So knowing what you are using when you ask a question becomes important.