No webmin in official distro, not in yum

FreePBX distro ISO version is, it installs Centos 5.5, Asterisk 1.8.6, FreePBX

How do I install webmin?

I try yum install webmin, I get
Loaded plugins:fastmirror,kmod
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Setting up INstall Process
No package webmin available
Nothing to do

Help? -Nathan

Webmin is not included in the distro and we do not recommend using it. Webmin is horribly insecure.

There is not if you view your LAN as secure. It’s a general policy as so many people expose FreePBX to the Internet we don’t advise installing the software.

If you like it and it saves you time, go for it.

Thanks Skyking, with a firewalled router not allowing anything in from WAN, and limiting access to webmin to local LAN access through a non standard port, I do not understand what risk there is… I guess I will research it…But what then is advised for moving files from other machine and setting up my samba share that I require? I am used to using webmin to accomplish many tasks, and did not think there was a security risk with LAN access only.

Just run these commands from root:

cd /usr/src
rpm -i webmin-1.570-1.noarch.rpm

With that https://ipaddress:10000 should get you into Webmin.

The best way to install webmin on linux (distro indipendent):

su - root
cd root
tar -zxvf webmin-1.570.tar.gz
cd webmin-1.570.tar.gz

thats’s all