No voicemail login

I have loaded 2 test box’s and neither one will allow a user to even login to a mailbox, when dialing *98 or *97 it says mailbox not password and if you put in the mailbox and password it says login incorrect. If I go in through ARI it logs in fine.


When you submit changes to an extension it adds [] to the voicemail.conf file.

This basically tells asterisk that all voicemails belong to [] context.

I found that removing the empty context(s) and restarting asterisk gets me back in business.

Just note the next update you submit will over write.

This isn’t a fix just a temp work around.

Thanks that did the trick

When adding an extension

VM Options
VM Context

These can’t be edited anymore and the default context isn’t being passed to the config file.

It only applies to adding an extension or adding voicemail to an existing extension. Once the empty context as been removed it doesn’t seem to come back unless you add another extension or mailbox.

This appears to be a bug in FreePBX 2.9. We have opened a ticket on it and working on getting it fixed.

Ok we have the issue tracked down to a change in the imap validation fields that was added to the voicemail module yesterday.

We are fixing it as we speak and will be rolling a new FreePBX voicemail module tonight still. Just go into module admin and update the voicemail module.

It never fails when Philippe gets on a plane for a coast to coast flight he breaks something before he leaves.

Thank GameGamer43 for staying late and resolving this issue on a Friday evening.

This is awsome. No fuss - just find it, report it, fix it and move on.

Thanks for everything - Even staying late on a friday night.

Well that is one of the great things about using the FreePBX distro. No more pointing fingers and waiting for things to get fixed.

I loaded Distro a week ago Friday onto an old, decrepit Gateway laptop to use as a test system. This bug may have re-appeared.

When setting up an extensions voicemail, changing from disabled to enabled does not make the voicemail fields available unless you save and re-enter the extension setup, then it opens the fields.

Once set up voicemail.conf contains [] on the line before the extension which stops voicemail from working. Manually removing this solves the problem.

On my other Distro system I have upgraded via the shell scripts to and this bug has not appeared. All freeepbx module upgrades have been done on both systems.

Any insight please?