No Voice (possible Ports Problem)

Hi, i have a CentOS 5.4 instalation, with Asterisk, and FreePBX 2.7 (i’ve upgraded all modules from standard repository up to date).

I’ve installed this configuration with AsteriskNow 1.5.0 32-bit

I have this setup

· 1 SIP Trunk (registrates succesfully)
· 3 SIP Extensions
· 1 in a Linksys SPA2102.
· The other two in 3CX softphone client.

I have setted up this config connecting with the ips on my local network.
The extension authenticate, everithing works fine. I can call between extensions, make outbound calls and receive calls. Everithing is perfect.

The real thing is that when i configure the extensions (including SPA2102) remotely with my dynamic DNS no-ip address (, the authentication is succesfull, but no audio between internal calls, inbound and outbound calls.

I have this ports fowarded in the router, to the CentOS fixed IP address:


10001 - 20000
5061 (made it just in case, because my SIP provider uses intead of 5061)

Another configuration parameters that may help to trace the problem:

sip_nat.conf -> I use fromdomain = instead of externhost. This make the calls work with audio in my local config (no audio using externhost).

General Settings -> Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls? “YES”

Well, i hope not to forget anything!
Thanks a lot!