No Voice mail Set Ring Time

Hi All,

In my scenario we are not using VM on any of extension because of that our extensions rings indefinitely. Is there any way to set ring time out instead of ring Indefinitely .

asterisk 11.20
freepbx 2.11.0

I’m sure there is.

Try this:

Set up Find Me/Follow Me with an initial ring time of 30 seconds. In the “destination” option at the bottom of the screen, choose “Terminate the Call” and choose the “Ring Busy” option.

Thanks for reply

Find Me/Follow Me have to apply on every extension and we have 800+ extensions :sweat:.
Is there any global setting for ring timeout ?
Can we do it with Asterisk Dial Options?

I took another look at this, and there is a setting in the extensions for Ring Timeout. When the timeout occurs, the system will send the call to voicemail, if it is set up, or to the “On No Answer” destination set at the bottom of the screen.

If the Ring Timeout is set to anything by 0, the extension will stop after that time. If your phones just ring, the ring timeout must be set to ‘0’.

To update that, you can use the Bulk Handler. Create a CSV file with your extension numbers and set the ring timeout to some other number (like 30). For your action, use Update.

The best way to create the extension file is to dump the extension configuration through the Bulk Handler, make your update, and put the information back. Remove any columns you don’t need to update (which is all of them except the ring timeout and the extension).