No time to record

We have just brought a new instance of FreePBX and are having some issues with recording outgoing messages in voice mail. When prompted to record, immediately after the tone, the system behaves like something was recorded when there was not. There is literally a millisecond from the tone to the system giving you post recording options. In voicemail --> settings --> limits, I have silence threshold set to 9999 as well as Max message silence but the problem persists. On top of that, one of the post recording options is to press two to listen to the recording. When I did this to see what it recorded, the call disconnects. Any ideas?

Try “fwconsole chown” to make sure your call recording directory permissions are correct.

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One is tempted to ask, what exactly does a

'a new instance of FreePBX ’

entail ?

New box with a new install replacing a system that has been online for over 5 years.


Thank you!

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