No Statistics Graph on System Status Page

For whatever reason the FreePBX system status page does not show the new “FreePBX Statistics” graph on my installation. A few weeks ago it was there, but after an update it disappeared and hasn’t come back. Everything else seems to be working fine with the system. I have no idea where to start investigating this and I didn’t find anyone else posting about it here.

# cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version

# amportal a ma list

Fetching FreePBX settings with gen_amp_conf.php..

no repos specified, using: [commercial,standard,unsupported,extended] from last GUI settings

Module              Version           Status
------------------- ----------------- -------------------
accountcodepreserve          Enabled
announcement          Enabled
areminder           Enabled
arimanager                            Not Installed (Locally available)
asterisk-cli          Enabled
asteriskinfo        12.0.1            Enabled
backup              12.0.8            Enabled
blacklist           12.0.1            Enabled
broadcast           2.11.5            Enabled
builtin                               Enabled
bulkdids            Enabled
bulkextensions          Enabled
callback            Enabled
callerid            Enabled
callforward         12.0.5            Enabled
calllimit          Enabled
callrecording          Enabled
callwaiting         12.0.3            Enabled
campon              Enabled
cdr                 12.0.4            Enabled
certman             12.0.2            Enabled
cidlookup          Enabled
conferences         12.0.8            Enabled
conferencespro      12.0.18           Enabled
core                12.0.1rc7         Enabled
cos                 12.0.11           Enabled
customappsreg          Enabled
cxpanel             3.1.2             Disabled
dahdiconfig         2.11.47           Enabled
dashboard           12.0.18           Enabled
daynight            Enabled
dictate             Enabled
digium_phones          Enabled
digiumaddoninstaller2.11.0.4          Enabled
directory           12.0.0            Enabled
directorypro                          Not Installed (Locally available)
disa                Enabled
donotdisturb        12.0.3            Enabled
dundicheck          Enabled
endpoint           Enabled
endpointman                           Not Installed (Locally available)
extensionroutes     12.0.7            Enabled
extensionsettings          Enabled
fax                 12.0.5            Enabled
faxpro              12.0.22           Enabled
featurecodeadmin    12.0.0            Enabled
findmefollow        12.0.6            Enabled
framework           12.0.1rc34        Enabled
freepbx_ha          2.11.5            Enabled
fw_langpacks        2.11.2            Enabled
hotelwakeup         2.11.3            Enabled
iaxsettings          Enabled
infoservices          Enabled
irc                 Enabled
isymphony                             Not Installed (Locally available)
ivr                 Enabled
ivrpro                                Not Installed (Locally available)
javassh             2.11.1            Disabled
languages           Enabled
logfiles            12.0.6            Enabled
manager             12.0.2            Enabled
miscapps            Enabled
miscdests           Enabled
motif               12.0.3            Enabled
music               12.0.1            Enabled
outroutemsg          Enabled
paging              12.0.5            Enabled
pagingpro           Enabled
parking             12.0.3            Enabled
parkpro             12.0.3            Enabled
pbdirectory          Enabled
phonebook           Enabled
phpagiconf          Enabled
phpinfo             Enabled
pinsets             Enabled
pinsetspro          Enabled
presencestate       12.0.15           Enabled
printextensions          Enabled
queuemetrics          Enabled
queueprio           Enabled
queues              12.0.11           Enabled
qxact_reports          Enabled
recording_report          Enabled
recordings          12.0.3            Enabled
restapi            Enabled
restapps            12.0.7            Enabled
restart             12.0.1            Enabled
ringgroups          12.0.1            Enabled
setcid              Enabled
sipsettings         12.0.4            Enabled
sipstation          12.0.2            Enabled
sipus               1.3.4             Enabled
sms                 12.0.8            Enabled
sng_mcu             Enabled
speeddial           Enabled
superfecta          2.11.14           Enabled
sysadmin            12.0.7            Enabled
timeconditions      12.0.6            Enabled
tts                Enabled
ttsengines          Enabled
ucp                 12.0.0beta29      Enabled
userman             12.0.4            Enabled
vmblast             12.0.1            Enabled
vmnotify            Enabled
voicemail           12.0.17           Enabled
voicemail_report          Enabled
vqplus              12.0.4            Enabled
weakpasswords       12.0.2            Enabled
webcallback          Enabled
webrtc              12.0.0alpha10     Enabled
xmpp                12.0.6            Enabled

Nobody else is having this issue? :frowning:

I am experiencing this too with FreePBX 12.0.3 and Asterisk 1.8 on FreeBSD. The “FreePBX Statistics” graph is blank, and on the right it always says “System Last Rebooted 0 seconds ago”

There does not seem to be any relevant error message on screen or in the JavaScript console.

JayG30, did you ever find a fix?

My issue went away the other day (like 2 weeks ago) after running module updates. I have no idea why…

Actually I just ran an update 2 weeks ago I think and it showed back up. No idea how or why…