No Sounds with SIP Station, but register OK and Firewall OK

I am thinking of moving my trunks over to SIPStation. I signed for for a trial and have run through the setup in the sipstation module. The SIPstation trunks register OK and I can make an inbound call that I can see is being routed through FreePBX even to a follow-me. However, I can’t get ANY sound incoming or outgoing what so ever.

Again, the firewall test shows as good. However, the Your Contact IP and Your Network IP are showing as yellow. Note: My Freepbx install is on a local IP, routing through PFsense.

Note: I do get this error in the SIPStation interface: “Chan_PJSIP is not supported when SIP Driver is forced to Chan_SIP”

Any suggestions. The WIKI is broken, so am having a hard time finding documentation.

Have you configured your external addresses and local networks, into FreePBX?

I have not. Let me look into that

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