No sound on making outgoing calls

I have installed a new copy of AsteriskNow with Freepbx. I have configured the Trunk and Outbond routes, also created a extention. I am able to make call, however, there is no sound of ring or voice in the call. Please help.

You need to tell us much more about your setup, type of phone, network etc.

You may also want to look at our distribution of FreePBX.

Hi SkyKingOH,

I am currently testing it on VirtualBox, I am able to make calls between extensions. However, I am not able to hear any sound calling using the Trunk I have configured. I am added a SIP trunk using setting of the VOIP provider, and created a Outbond route. The call connects but there is no ring sound and no voice in the calls.

Have you configured NAT in the SIP Settings module? Does your router have a SIP ALG that could be interfering with the calls?

Does Virtualbox bridge at layer 2 to your LAN or are you NAT’ing twice?

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No it is not possible. Also do not ask any member of this forum to help you 1:1

I just told you what to check, you need to verify these items or tell us how yours are set.

Monday morning CST support will be back open if you wish to purchase professional assistance.

Hi SkyKingOH,

I have not installed SIP setting module. Now my Freepbx server works fine and it doesn’t logout. However, still Webserver shows Timeout and then again goes green in few seconds. This is continuous.

What version are you running and how was it installed? What OS?

SIP settings module is installed in the base.

sorry i didn’t know that

will they do full setup and install freepbx with ss7 configuration for voice termination

SS7 ? This is an odd config. FreePBX does not have direct SS7 support. How are you installing now? You avoided my question.