No sound for inbound IAX calls to digital receptionist


I am a newbie, please bear with me.

My setup was working 100% fine until this morning. Whenever I dial my inbound DID number that is routed through IAX, the call is answered (I can see it in the Asterisk console) but I hear absolutely no sound. If I dial my extension number the calls goes through and we can talk, but I never hear the digital receptionist announcements.

If I dial 7777 on my SIP Phone I hear the announcements correctly, the voicemail works correctly too.

I also tried changing the inbound route to redirect the call to my voicemail, and I get the same problem - the call is answered, but I do not hear anything.

What is strange is that if I redirect the call directly to an extension number, without going through the voicemail or digital receptionist, everything works fine.

I am running FreePBX 2.1.3. The problem was the same with 2.1.2.

Please disregard my message - the problem solved itself, everything works fine now and I didn’t change anything.

Maybe a problem with my IAX provider?