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Hi everybody,

I am new in FreePBX. I did installation PBX in a Flash and i did all the configuration that i found. I have D-link router old one year 2006 latest firmware. PBX running under DMZ mode. I have 5 phones connected to Cisco switch PoE. I can receive and make the calls no problem. But quality is not so good sometimes it sounds choppy and sometimes all the phone or randomly losing connection for about 15 seconds and is NO Service on the screen but you can make a call. I have DSL modem 5mb download and 540 kbs upload speed.
Nothing in the log files.
I can not find nothing that can help me.
Please if someone has any ideas why it can be post it here.
Thank you very mush for your help.

Are these calls that are choppy internal calls (station to station) or are these calls to the outside world.

If calls internally are working fine but calls to the outside world are choppy this is probably going to be an issue with your DSL provider in which case you will need to get copper for outbound calls or change your provider.

If all calls are choppy, then you you have an issue with your switches or network topology hanging on to the UDP packets to long.

Do a search on the term “jitter”.

Also putting your server in the DMZ for any length of time is not the best of choices for security reasons.

Thank you very much for all this information. I will do some research in this case and also I want to try another router it is just arrived it is Cisco ASA 5505 seems to be a good one. As I know any external calls becomes choppy but again it is randomly looks like it is the problem with DSL.

But another issue why the phones sometimes losses the service it shouldn’t be because it is just local network?

if internal issues lan issues, in addition to potential configuration problems, make sure you don’t have a virus running around or heavy p2p usage. Even with a good vlan setup that can still effect you depending on the overall topology.

Thank you for suggestion. First my phone network is speared form lan network. I managed this network during one week and nothing strange happens it is 0.2% on load average and 0 errors. But i still thinking that i need to change router also i want to buy G729 it might help.

Thank you,

Thank you to everybody for their help. I tried the new router and was still the same problem. I resolved this problem. I put my pbx in dhcp no an static ip that it was before and seems to be that all. Two day past and no problems.

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