No server info or splashscreen when logging in

I just installed the latest FreePBX and according to the tutorial on the wiki, i should be presented with the splashscreen and server information after logging into the server.
I’m 100% certain its connected to the internet. I can “ifconfig” and get my IP info.
All I get is this:

localhost login: root
last login: wed aug 6 00:00:21 on ttyl
[[email protected] ~]#

And nothing else.
Am I missing something?

Do you mean you installed latest FreePBX Distro or do you mean you installed latest FreePBX on a (stock) Linux distribution such as CentOS 6.3 or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? In both cases there are wiki tutorials (the FreePBX Distro way is simpler: more or less is like installing a Linux distribution of your choice, it’s streamlined).

Since you posted on “Distro Discussion & Help” I presume you were referring to the FreePBX Distro even if you didn’t state that clearly.

I don’t know what do you expect but, in both the cases, you should be able to use your preferred Web Browser (from another host machine in the same subnet) and connect to the FreePBX appliance host to see the FreePBX dashboard and/or, at the same time, you can login locally into the FreePBX appliance host (or just, remotely, via SSH) local console.

Once logged into the FreePBX appliance host: what is the result of cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version ? What is the result of astersk -r -vvvv ? what about if you browse to http://ip.addrees.of.freepbx/ (where ip.address.of.freepbx should be the IP Address of your FreePBX appliance host)?

It’s the latest beta ISO.

cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version returns “no such file or directory” and asterisk -r -vvvv returns command not found.

Did you used this latest one (which refers to FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-14 ISO 64 bit with timestamp 1406781661, released 31.07.2014)?

Definitely the installation you performed may have had troubles: you should check the install.log (try to see the content of /root/install.log, if any).

Quite strange that there isn’t any pbx-version file under /etc/schmooze/ folder. It also seems that Asterisk is not running (is it installed?).


Everything related to asterisk says “no such file or directory” or some kind of error.
I cant exactly take a screenshot…and it wont let me post images.

http:/ /tinyurl com/ o9ltrcg
http:/ / tinyurl. com/ nj6boov

Can you test the install of the latest FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-15 ISO Stable instead of using the Beta one to see if the issue you’re experiencing could be reproduced (or just tracked down) to your specific system/environment?

I get the literal exact same problems.

During install do I need to choose to install more repos/dependencies? Do i need to name the computer something special?

IMHO, a double No (OK, I presume your Hardware’s components are well recognized by Anaconda during install process).

You need a reliable Internet connection (so the Host on which you’re trying the install needs to have Internet access and, primarily, it needs to have a convenient IP Address - released to it via DHCP or manually imposed by you during install) to let the system downloads few FreePBX Modules during install.