No Serial # / No Deployment #

We use Free PBX w/ Asterisk for my office. We are cutting over to a new PRI and purchased hours to have some true PBX support on the Turn Up and Test. I do not have a deployment #, I do not have a serial # for the Sangoma card (this was all taken care of by our now out of business IT company) .

Is there any way for me to find the serial number in the PBX Administrator?
Trying to avoid having to open up the phone server to find a number.

How was the system installed?

If you are on the official FreePBX Distro, you will have a module called System Admin, and the activation menu entry there will tell you your deployment number, or allow you to register to get one.

Keep getting Error 761, despite having a portal account on Sangoma. :frowning: