No rtp

Having an issue get RTP to set up for remote users. Calls conntect but there is no RTP on inbound calls or when dialing extensions internally. Making calls from an extension from LAN works fine and RTP sets up but remote users outside the LAN it does not. When doing an RTP debug I do not see any RTP events. I suspect my router or cable modem might be killing RTP traffic as it is not hitting my trixbox. Sip is fine remote ATAs do register and send the calls.

Running FreePBX version I have a cable modem (Arris) thru Comcast with a Linksys WRT110 router.

I tried to configure the sip_nat.conf with the following.


externip=exter IP

localhost= 192…168.x.0/255.x.x.x.0

Forwarded the following ports on my Linksys router.

5060 -5060

10000 -20000

When I save this conf my trunks will not register so I cannot make any calls from an extension.

Trying to figure out why I cannot get any RTP from remote users, any suggestions??

minor issues with the info you have provided.

what is forwarded you have said port but for which protocol? I MUST be udp, tcp will not work and get you the results you are describing…

Also I’m hoping it’s a typo, but if not:
localhost= 192…168.x.0/255.x.x.x.0

subnet mask should be 4 set’s of numbers NOT 5 as that can do it also. Also the x’s should be real valid numbers and not x’s. It does not hurt to show us those actual values as it is protected behind the firewall.

Forwarding both UDP and TCP. It is a typo it should be

Don’t forward tcp as you are opening ports that are not used and can then easly be compromised in the future.