No RTP engine was found/Failed to authenticate

[2016-06-13 14:50:40] ERROR[4994][C-00000009] rtp_engine.c: No RTP engine was found. Do you have one loaded?
[2016-06-13 14:50:40] NOTICE[4994][C-00000009] chan_sip.c: Failed to authenticate device sip:[email protected];tag=1620515219

I get the above messages in /var/log/asterisk/full when I try to call from a registered linphone to an extension on this box. Does anyone have any pointers on where to go from here?

are you saying that you cannot make an extension to extension call?

Yes. I’m registered to the freepbx box with a soft phone, calling an extension on that box.

Please check logs during asterisk startup and check loaded modules.

Ps: sure about loading of res_rtp*.so

Does this tell you everything you need to know:
[[email protected] asterisk]# tail -n 16000 full | grep res_rtp

(No results)

Please check this in Asterisk CLI :

module show like

ivr01*CLI> module show like
Module Description Use Count Status Support Level
0 modules loaded

so RTP module of asterisk that is responsible for rtp media, isn’t loaded. You are using Distro or you installed FreePBX manually?

please run this: module load , and see the result.

I had to install it manually, on Oracle Linux (its what the IT department supports).

ivr01*CLI> module load
Unable to load module
Command ‘module load’ failed.
[2016-06-15 10:44:18] WARNING[30605]: loader.c:553 load_dynamic_module: Error loading module ‘’: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[2016-06-15 10:44:18] WARNING[30605]: loader.c:1079 load_resource: Module ‘’ could not be loaded.

Yes it’s right. you missed some libraries in asterisk compilation and because of this, RTP module is not compiled too.
As you see “” does not exist too.

PS: maybe it be hard that compile asterisk on this distro, because of dependencies.

So I have to reconfigure & reinstall asterisk? EEESH! Guess what I’ll be reading up on after lunch?

In the source directory I installed from, “make menuselect” shows under “resource modules” that “res_rtp_asterisk” and “res_rtp_multicast” are selected already.

[[email protected] asterisk-12.8.2]# pwd
[[email protected] asterisk-12.8.2]# find -name rtp.o

Here’s a wrinkle. I installed from 12.8.2 from source but I’m running 13.6.0 after some upgrades. Thoughts?

Anyway you need re-configure asterisk and check the dependencies.

I didn’t go through with the actual reconfiguring, but I did check w/ “make menuselect” in the source I built from and it those modules are there. As best I can tell, the dependencies are met as well.

(With the upgrade to 13.6, I’m not sure where to check to see if they were built. Could anyone help me with that?)

By the way, these files exist on the box:

Ok, apparently 13.6.0 is in /usr/src/asterisk-13.6.0. Running make menuselect there and looking under resource modules, I see

[*] res_rtp_asterisk
Depends on: N/A
Can use: pjproject(E)
Conflicts with: N/A
Support Level: core

[*] res_rtp_multicast
Depends on: N/A
Can use: N/A
Conflicts with: N/A
Support Level: core

[*] res_srtp
Depends on: srtp(E)
Can use: N/A
Conflicts with: N/A
Support Level: core

All that leads me to believe these modules are configured …and the previous message shows that the files exist on the system. Where do I go from here?