No rings but asterisk answers immediatly

The system is up and running really well. The IVR functions well. I have just one cosmetic problem. Some background is that the OS is Centos v4.4, Asterisk is v1.2.17, and freePBX is v2.2.1. Let me expalin the setup. The server is in a rack at a data centre. Access to the SIP channels and management interface is via VPN and IAX comes in through a firewall. All that works. I am using only IAX trunks for inbound and outbound. That all works. My INBOUND ROUTE links to play an announcement which is a general company announcement. On completion it links to the IVR which has a message that says these are you options etc. That all works.

When a caller phones in using PSTN with the DID of the INBOUND ROUTE no rings are heard by the caller and the system jumps to immediatly playing the announcement and then of course to the IVR.

What I would like to do is have the caller hear 2 rings (5sec) first and then play the announcement. How do I acheive this?