No ringback tone in IAX extension when the call is placed though SIP trunk

Hi all,

Probably this is more an asterisk problem that a freepbx issue, but If any of you can give me some hints would be fantastic.

I have several IAX2 extensions in a PBX (Asterisk 1.6.2 configured with freepbx 2.7.0).

I’ve noticed that if a call from those IAX2 extensions is placed though a SIP trunk there’s no ringback tone. That’s the only problem, the call is answered, the callee hears the ring sound, the communication is perfect. It’s just that there is no ringback tone in the meanwhile.

This just happens if the call is placed through a SIP trunk. When the call is to another extension (SIP or IAX) every thing is OK. If the call goes through the ISDN trunk everything is right.

Notice that if the call is originated in a SIP extension and goes through the same trunk, then the ringback tone sounds rightly; just happens if the caller uses one of the IAX2 extensions.

I believe that this is a real problem for the users of those extensions, because the caller isn’t able to know if the call is ringing in the callee end; and the situation goes worse if the callee takes long to answer

I’ll be very thankful if anyone can give me hints to debug this nasty problem

Thanks in advance

I’ve been unable to solve the problem with the IAX extensions and that SIP trunk, but instead I’ve hidden it (as suggested at with ringing()

Is it possible to modify the code that generates the macro-dialout-trunk dialplan in extensions_additional.conf just to incorporate my changes in order to avoid getting it reedited by freebpx? If so, where should I look?

Thanks in advance