No ringback on calls to a ring group

On many platforms running Freepbx 12 if a call goes to a ring group the caller does not hear any ringing, If I change it to music on hold - default in the ring group then it plays music. Are we looking at a bug in the ring group module?

I have the same thing happening to one system running Asterisk 11.19.0, freepbx 12. If the DID is routing to an extension, there is a ringback sound that the caller hears. But when the callers is routed to a ringgroup, they hear dead silence.

… brilliant, I didn’t even think of that. I’ve spent so many hours on this issue. Ring Group module does have issues:

I installed using the roll back feature in module admin. Love that feature. I used to have to manually download from git hub and install manually to module admin.

The difficulty with this one is that there are so many old posts about this kind of thing. It took me long enough just to realize that it was happening to ringgroups only.

That issue ticket is in status needs information. They need call examples, if you have one submit it to help out.

Apparently there is an issue with 13.0.17 as well - similar to