No ringack tone or message in UCP's WebRTC phone


I use FreePBX already 1 year. It’s the best free Call Center solution based on WebRTC. A lot of bugs fixed in UCP during this year. Thanks to development team :slight_smile:
Now I have only one issue with FreePBX, it’s connected with UCP’s WebRTC phone. When I try to dial from my UCP account I don’t get any ringback tone or message about the status of the call, so I can’t understand is the destination peer busy or unavailable, or maybe dialed number is incorrect…

It would be perfect to fix that bug on WebRTC phone. Does anyone know if there are plans to fix that bug soon?

Thanks in advance.

Same problem, voicemail sounds are not received by the UCP Phone…

Unlikely the ‘same problem’ six years later. Post you ‘well formatted’ logs to so support