No Ring Tone after IVR Selection

I have set up an IVR as auto attendant for small business bla bla… The IVR options send the caller to different extensions within the system, ie option 2 sends the caller to extension 1002.
The issue is the caller does not receive a ring-tone. Instead the extension picks up immediately. The"ring time" is set to its highest value.

Thanks for you assistance.

Can you be a bit more specific. What do you mean that the extension picks immediately? Is it immediately going to voice mail?

What version for FreePBX are you running. Is it a Distro or installed by hand.

it is a virtual extension and yes it immediately goes to voic-mail. Which is what we want, however, we need to ring at least twice b/4 voice-mail answers.

I don’t think a virtual extension will ring.

As a test have set up a sip extension and the result is the same, no ringing.

That would be expected behavior if it is a dummy extension without a properly registered endpoint. Is there a technical need for the 2x ring or is it to emulate existing user experience?

Create an announcement with what you want. Point the IVR over to the announcement and point the announcement over to VM.