No Ring sound for caller in inbound call

Hi, this referring to the old post mentioned below, to which I was helped greatly, I want to thank you.

" [SIP Trunk with minimal Information]" I cannot post link :frowning:

I have just a small question:

Thank you for giving so much time and helping.

I was able to connect the calls, do inbound and outbound.

I have just one issue. Any inbound call, the caller does not hear any ring, when we dial, it just DEAD, no sound no ring until someone receives the call. otherwise the caller cannot know if the call is in process or nothing.

any advice ?


This is the half link to the previous conversation

On the assumption that the provider won’t accept early media, your only real choices, at the Asterisk level, are silence, prematurely answer, and ring back. If you force the latter, you can end up with a situation where the call goes from ringing to busy or unobtainable.

I believe FreePBX allows you to force ring back tone on the dial, but if you have early media, this will block early media from the callee.

A premature answer can cause the caller to get billed for failed calls, and can also confuse automation that tries to detect answered calls.

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