No ring out tone via Zulu UC app

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So, currently installed Zulu UC. It works fine, I can make calls to numbers etc. The issue is when calling numbers via Android I’m not getting a dial tone to say I’m calling out at all. On IOS I get a dial-out tone if I dial the number into the dialer, however, if I select it from the phone book (external) I again, get no dial tone.

Is this specifically an issue to do with the app?

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This is to do with the app itself, they must strictly use the native dialer in Android, unfortunately I can’t find another app where I can see other extensions status’ etc. Another issue is that with Android when calling from Zulu UC it’ll switch to the native Android dialer, so when having to press a digit for a number you have to unlock the phone, go back into Zulu and press a key. Which is rather annoying.

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