No ring back on incoming SIP trunk

I recently moved my T1/PRI from a Digital T1 card to a Sangoma Vega 100G via SIP. I can send and receive calls just fine but on all ring groups and on many extensions the caller doesn’t hear the line ringing just dead air until someone picks up.

I discovered on the ring groups if I set the ‘announce’ to ‘en/beep’ it will beep then start ringing for the caller. A few of my phones the caller will hear ring back but not on a bunch of them and I don’t see a difference in the inbound route or on the extension themselves.

I’m at 6.12.65-31 and all my modules are up to date.

I think I figured this out. I set “advanced.isdn.user_progress=1” on the Vega 100G. That appeared to fix the problem.