No Reports Panel after restore CDR Backup from another PC

this is what I am getting when I click on the Reports:

Call data collection
Regardless of their size, most telephone PBX (public branch exchange) and PMS (property management systems) output Call Detail Records (CDR). Generally, these get created at the end of a call but on some phone systems the data is available during the call. This data is output from the phone system by a serial link known as the Station Message Detail Recording port (SMDR). Some of the details included in call records are: Time, Date, Call Duration, Number dialed, Caller ID information, Extension, Line/trunk location, Cost, Call completion status.

Call detail records, both local and long distance, can be used for usage verification, billing reconciliation, network management and to monitor telephone usage to determine volume of phone usage, as well as abuse of the system. CDR's aid in the planning for future telecommunications needs. 

Control with CDR analysis: 

•review all CDR's for accuracy 
•verify usage 
•resolve discrepancies with vendors 
•disconnect unused service 
•terminate leases on unused equipment 
•deter or detect fraud 
•etc ... 

Any ideas? Please help.


I’m having this same issue running FreePBX

Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this?

I am not sure, but try copy /var/www/html/admin/modules/framework/htdocs/admin/reports.php to /var/www/html/admin