No phone will register!

I have a brand new Asterisk freepbx install and no phones will register. I have tried a few polycom phones as well as softphones and we can make calls out but the phones do not register and therefor don’t have extentions. This has been a problem on a couple server installs, both local and on amazon ec2! Anyone know whats up?

  1. Polycom 650’s
  2. Phones online always 0
  3. When a call is made from phone, it says call active in web interface
  4. Call voice says number is not in service
  5. Cannot call other phones on the system

You have provided no info of use

your issue sounds like a firewall
you need to open port 5060 UDP and some RTP UDP ports like 10000 ~ 20000 or whatever you polycoms want.

google sip_nat.conf