No Phone Apps

I have a S500 that I’m using with the “sangoma_default” profile in endpoint manager. the phone registers just fine, will make and receive calls, works with raw dialing feature codes (i.e. *97 for vmail) but non of the phone app buttons show up. i.e no contacts, DND, voicemail, etc. I don’t see anywhere in the endpoint profile to turn on phone apps and the phone apps tab under admin does not seem to have anything that sets the phones. Our Yealink phones are all working just fine with phone apps. What am I missing?

FreePBX version 13.0.167
PBX Firmware:10.13.66-15
PBX Service Pack:

S500 version

In your template under the models tab click on the S500 button and setup your buttons.

Well yeah, brain fart. sometimes its the simple things you’ve done a hundred times that get ya.