No Park Announce

Hello all

I have installed a fresh 2.10 distro to resolve no caller id when picking up a parked call, works beautifully, but ran into another snag. I am using cisco spa509g phones. When I park a call I hear nothing, but caller hears music right away, I could live with that if I had to. If you pick up a call that is already on park then press the park button again I hear nothing but the caller hears 71 then music.
If I use ##70 everything woks fine. This is what is programmed on the cisco button,
fnc=sd;[email protected] I have also tried ext and sub in place of the ext. I can’t find a way to program a button to send DTMF.

I have found that the “park” button on my Aastra phones does not play nicely with Asterisk. The same may be true with your Cisco phones. Have you tried making your “Park” buttons a transfer button that transfers the call to extension 70? On my Aastra phones, I use the “Sprecode” option to transfer the calls to 70, and it keeps the connection open so that I hear the parked extension #.

Alternatively, you might consider using conferences for your parking lots. That allows a single button to be used to transfer, connect, and show BLF. It also makes it possible to use the same facility to initiate a conference among multiple extensions.

I set up a conference to see if I could figure out how to use it as a parking lot. I see you can transfer them there, but the get the announcement they are the only one in the conference. It seems like you could have the complication of more than one person answering the call, and also trouble transferring people that you park in a conference. I have a customer that is very particular and will want it to work just as it did in freePbx . That being said, I could totally be missing what you are telling me, if not I still appreciate the input.

Choose the silent mode option in the conference setup and that “you are the only person” will go away.

I agree that you get the complication of having multiple callers, but in most small office environments, they want SLA precisely because they want conferences, and this gives them that benefit.

I just submitted this issue as a bug.

I upgraded from 2.9 to 2.10 and am experiencing the same issue. It definitely worked in 2.9.

Setting up a conference is not a viable solution.

Has anyone else found a way to get this to work? I know xfer>##70#>xfer works, but have not been successful in programming a speeddial to dial that sequence. I would accept a ##70# speeddial as a workaround if anyone knows how to program that to a button on the Cisco SPA5xx phones. Otherwise this is a bug that really needs to get resolved quickly!

Last worked in Asterisk

On SPA5xx series if you go under SIP settings you can change “Keep Referee When REFER Failed” to YES and it will transfer the caller to PARK AND announce to the person parking the call. I also use the following shared line key / speed dial configuration on my setups:

fnc=sd;[email protected]$PROXY
fnc=sd;[email protected]$PROXY;nme=PARK
for the parking transfer and

fnc=sd+blf;[email protected]$PROXY;nme=71
for the first speed dial parking lot #