No Outgoing Calling, Incoming is Fine

I updated my FreePBX system this morning. Many modules were out of date, and I updated them all. Since then, nobody can call out. Incoming Calls are received at the appropriate extensions, no problem. Anyone trying to call out gets a recording that says “All circuits are busy.”

On my Status page when I log into the webui for FreePBX, I get this error:

retrieve_conf failed to sym link:
This can result in FATAL failures to your PBX. If the target file exists and not identical, the symlink will not occur and you should rename the target file to allow the automatic sym link to occur and remove this error, unless this is an intentional customization.

I’m not sure what is supposed to be symlinking to what, but all the files seem to be in the appropriate place and correctly named. I’m not even sure if this is what’s causing the issue. Anyone have any ideas?