No outgoing audio on select lines


I have an issue where when we receive a call or call select lines outbound audio isn’t transmitting correctly.
Some calls work fine while others have this issue. I ran packet captures on both good and bad calls and couldn’t really see anything. when ran through wire shark VOIP playback I can hear both sides of the conversation even on known bad calls. I pulled Asterisk logs but didn’t see much there either, I have a ticket in with my SIP provider and they initially told me it was a routing issue on my end because they can see the traffic. I checked my firewall and NAT settings to make sure the 5060-5061and 10000-20000 ports were routed correctly and they were, plus I am still able to send and receive some calls just fine. they then said it is an issue with a vendor further up the stream and that they were working to fix the issue. They also confirmed others were having similar issues. I have been stuck here for 4 days now with that info and haven’t been able to get much more information. Any help is appreciated.Link is to asterisk logs


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