No MOH when from IVR go to extention inside!

hi ,
i have an ivr that has many options .

0====>queue 20 , and there is MOH
1====>extention 200 , but it just a ring tone , no MOH

my question is , how instead of hearing ringtone , i want to hear MOH when from ivr the call is forwarded to internal extention


You are still completeley missing it, a call to an extension will, just like your old phone at home, give you a “ring-back” ubtil answered, just as expected. FreePBX basically emulates a PBX, do you as yet have any idea of what a PBX “Private Branch eXchange” is? ( I believe google has a few eye-openers for you if you don’t)

If you want MOH then use a ring-group of one.

May I ask you dr.x (the dr. bit is referencial to what?) how much time you have spent on actually “reading” about how things work in FreePBX and what the various options do in FreePBX, versus “asking” over 300 questions here and elsewhere that are all covered in the basic documentation you have as yet apparently not even looked at?.

I am sure if you spent a few hours doing that, you would save yourself days of waiting for other people to read the pertinent bits back to you. No? . The other, and more important, advantage is you might be able to start thinking for yourself, you will NEED THAT ABILITY as you go forward.