No login window when clicking on FreePBX Administration

Hi all,

this is a freh installed freepbx distro.

I can see the main page at IP_adress/admin/config.php

But nothing happens when i click at “FreePBX Administration”

The other icons for “User Control Panel”, “Operator Panel” and “Get Support” all work.

The firewall is disabled, fail2ban is shut down.

On the client i have disabled firewall, antivir, adblockers. I tried with firefox, opera, chrome, ie
Cleared cache

It´s the same everytime, no login window

Can someone help me?

freepbx distro 10.13.66. with Asterisk 13

some additionaly info

i have seen sometimes the page is not loading the sys-admin.png picture and firefox keeps writing “übertrage daten von ip_adresse”, in english something like “transfering data from ip_adress”

after F12 i can see “Image corrupt or truncated: sys-admin.png”

So, i guess the browser can NOT load the complete page, so i can´t see my login window.

But what can i do?

Curious why you installed version 13? when there’s FreePBX 14 which is considered stable

Have you done anything to that PBX? Like restored a backup?

From where did you download that ISO?

Did you try running updates?

fwconsole ma enableall
fwconsole ma upgradeall
yum update
fwconsole reload

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