No joint capabilities for 'audio' media stream between our configuration ((none)) and incoming sdp ((nothing))


I want to connect to a customer’s MITEL PABX with MITEL’s AMS software installed on my computer.
I use a Beronet gateway SIP/ISDN and FREEPBX.

Here is the process of the call:

AMS software on PC (I enter the LOGIN and PASSWORD) then established the connection through the ISDN modem
Kortex USB / ISDN modem
S0 port of my old Ascotel 2045 PABX
T0 port of my old Ascotel 2045 PABX
ISDN port of my BERONET gateway
—> sip
—> sip
SIP trunk
—> sip
DID client PABX

but it looks like the AMS software created an SDP with ‘nothing’ CODECs.
I managed to put the CODEC ‘none’ on my FREEPBX but it doesn’t work.

is it possible to put ‘nothing’ instead of ‘none’ in freepbx?

Thanks for your help

No, there has to be at least one common codec for the call to work.

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