No ipv4 address after automatic install

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This is really annoying. I do expect to get a functioning product, yet, when I use the auto-installer of the latest distro STABLE SNG7-PBX-64bit-2011-5 on my server, it does not assign an ipv4-address to the system and therefore I cannot reach the GUI after installation. The current network configuration shows eth0, a Mac address and an IPv6 address. So, what do I do? :slight_smile:


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When you install a different ISO does it get an IP?

FreePBX is built on CentOS 7, try setting a Static IP. You likely have a DHCP issue.


Does your DHCP server (normally your router) proffer IP4 addresses ?

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I did get it to work by setting a static IP in the installation process. I did not try another ISO. :slight_smile:

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How do I find this out? I am using a Root-Server on the web.


Your DHCP server serves IP addresses it is up to you as to whether it serves IPV4 and/or IPV6 addresses, either way they are not DNS servers. Some software packages, DNSMASQ for example can serve both roles though.

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