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Hi I am hoping someone can point in the right direction here. We are running Freepbx and it has been working perfect for years now.

We had an 8 port analog card at first and just switch to (not sure what you call it) T1? Let me explain. The phone company installed fiber and with that all phone lines are now going over that to the special box they installed. Then from there we ran a network cable from there box to a second network port of the freepbx and got that all working.

The only issue is when we lose internet we also lose all incoming call capabilities. Outbound works fine with no internet.
Incoming/outgoing calls are working by a sip trunk. Here are those settings


Not sure if you need any logs or what logs you would want. If you tell me what to provide I would be more than happy to do so.

Thank you in advance for the help!

Without more information, this is my guess only.based on what you have provided

It seems you now have pseudo analog lines, or the telephone company has moved your service over to VoIP. They are really digital lines going over the internet.

That is why you have no service when the internet is down.

They are doing this because there is no regulatory rules on the internet which means lower costs, while on copper lines they are required to maintain certain standards for reliability which means more costs.

I would agree that it is more like voip. When I say no internet I mean if I personally pull the internet cable from are router. So in theory the phone lines should still work. This is a hard wire from there box to the PBX and not going through the router at all.

There box has 2 ports. 1 for the phones and 1 for internet. The one for internet goes to the router (I’m sure you knew that) and the other is plugged directly into the PBX. Hope that gives a better picture.

Asterisk chan_sip has various issues related to DNS, even on trunks that don’t use it. is more than 10 years old, but the problem persists.

There are two common solutions: use a pjsip trunk (should be easy because your trunk settings are very simple), or set up dnsmasq Internet going down takes Asterisk with it .

If you still have trouble, post logs for a failed incoming call with router disconnected.

From a practical point of view, this won’t improve reliability much, because your phone and internet are on the same fiber and most failures would take out both.

Thank you Stewart! I will let you know how this works once I can get back up to my client (two weeks).

Okay from your description it still sounds like the PBX is still going through the router to get internet.
Let me try a diagram

PBX -> Provider Box -> On Site Customer Router -> Internet.
Telephones --^

If the above is correct, then breaking any chain from the Provider box on up will stop the telephones from making, or receiving calls.

I think what Stewart was saying might be on the right track. With that said my setup is not what you said.

The PBX has 2 network ports. 1 goes to my network and 1 goes directly to my providers box.

Port 1: PBX > Provider Box (Phone Port)
Port 2: PBX > Switch > Router > Provider box (Seperate port only for internet) > Internet

Notice in my first post I said outbound works fine with no internet as well. I would definitely would understand why voip would not work if it could no longer get to the provider but that was not the case here.

Thank you!

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