No info on trunks/extensions online

Just updated to FreePBX 12.0.1rc12
Have the brand new dashboard (Reports - System Status), everything looks good with one exception - there is no more information on trunks/extensions which are online/offline!
Is this a new “feature”?

It’s not a feature. It just wasn’t added the way you’d think. I suggest you file a feature report so we can get this in there for you.

For now you can look at the graph and click asterisk to see when thinks are online v offline

This does not work for me in Firefox, but works in IE. Tried Private mode as well - same result - only default graph is shown, no reaction on clicks.

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Nice job! You found a bug. I present you to a :cookie:

But in all seriousness I will try to get this fixed ASAP. Thanks for finding it!! :smile:

Fixed in 12.0.14. Does the graph work for you? Or do you want something more detailed?

Here is a feature request I put in for this a while back. Go vote for this on the page and if it gets enough love, maybe they will include it…

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Thanks, this seems to be working now. Now I realize that the graph is more informative than just online/offline counter :wink: