No Incomming on SIP trunks

I’m unable to receive calls on any of the SIP trunks.
on my Incoming route i have added a route that answers any DID/CID.
ZAP calls from all the channels are received without any problems.
I am able to make calls “outgoing” through all the trunks.
here are the settings for one of the SIP trunks on the GUI:

PEER Details:


USER Details:


i have allowed anonymous SIP calls on the system.
on asterisk -r , i don’t get any information while attempting to call the freepbx, however i found something useful on : /var/logs/asterisk/full

[Jan 15 10:58:53] NOTICE[2776] chan_sip.c: Failed to authenticate user “2111111” sip:2111111@XXXXXXX:5060;tag=150158091053948309250

Assuming this is Asterisk 1.4 in the user portion of the peer you have the disallow after the allow, this will cause all calls to be rejected that match that peer.

Having SIP debug on will also help.

Can’t commend on user 2111111 as you don’t provide those peer details.

i was getting the same result. without even putting the allow and disallow for the codecs.
2111111 is a subscriber to the same voip provider that we are subscribed to.
our number is 2112233, so basically 2111111 is only trying to call us using the sip trunk. he is not a user that have access or an extension that belongs to our pbx.
we have also another sip account at another voip provider, and also have the same problem, the 2nd account i am talking about has also a DID.