No incoming on Zulu mobile

Hello, I have a new install of Freepbx. I have Zulu mobile working except for incoming calls. The phone doesn’t ring at all. When I click the button in Freepbx to send test notification it is never received even though it says send successfully. I check and notifications are on for TestFlight and Zulu mobile.

I can make outgoing calls, receive voicemails, and change my presence status from the app just no incoming. Everything works on the desktop app.

I tried this with iPhone 8 and xs. Also with Chan and pjsip extensions. No external firewall just the Freepbx firewall. I tried it with it disabled and same thing.

Please help I really need this to work.

Make sure the firewall port for Zulu (83?) is open. The /var/log/asterisk/full log should have more information.

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