No Incoming calls plus One Way Audio

From Asterisk Settings Page I have the following configurations:
Nat: Yes
IP Config: Public

I tried using my fqda and edited the host file plus I attempted to just use the my public IP.

It shows me as connected in Google Motif

I can make a call and hear the person on the other end but they can’t hear me and they can’t call back.

What steps should I take to troubleshoot this problem?

This is a really common question and it’s been answered literally thousands of times.

It doesn’t sound like your firewall is set up correctly. If your server lives behind a NAT router, you will need to redirect the traffic from the public address to your PBX. If your PBX lives on the Internet, you probably need to remove the NAT = YES, setting.

When I set up my system I limit the number of RTP ports to about 2 per line and allow this range to come through your firewall.

Without a reasonable minimum of information, though, it’s really hard to say. Your version of Asterisk/FreePBX/CentOS/Windows/firewall/etc. would really be helpful for us to be able to answer your question.