No incoming call's after module update

No incoming calls after updating modules. Outgoing work.
Current PBX Version:
Current System Version: 12.7.4-1803-1.sng7

Installing the latest version of FreePBXDistro - no incoming with identical config. Installing the old version 10.13.66 without updates - it works. After updates - no incoming calls.

List of modules:

Module Name Current Version New Version
Preserve Accountcode 13.0.2
Backup & Restore
Blacklist 14.0.1
Bulk Handler
Call Forward
Call Recording 14.0.5
CDR Reports
Call Event Logging
Certificate Manager 13.0.37
CallerID Lookup
Contact Manager
DAHDi Config
System Dashboard
Digium Phones Config
Fax Configuration
Follow Me
System Firewall
Asterisk IAX Settings
Info Services
Online Support 13.0.1
IVR 14.0.4
Languages 13.0.6
Asterisk Logfiles
Music on Hold
Paging and Intercom 14.0.6
Parking Lot
PIN Sets 13.0.8 13.0.10
Process Management
Presence State
Ring Groups
Asterisk SIP Settings
Sound Languages 14.0.5
CID Superfecta 14.0.4 14.0.7
System Admin 14.0.22
Time Conditions
User Control Panel
User Management

All my phones use PJSIP and port 5060, but the trunk CHAN_SIP (according to the provider settings) also uses port 5060. In the old version of the FreePBX modules, everything works, after the update an error appears:

[2018-12-06 19:09:57] NOTICE[28255]: res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c:649 log_failed_request: Request ‘OPTIONS’ from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ (callid: [email protected]) - No matching endpoint found
[2018-12-06 19:10:57] NOTICE[43695]: res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c:649 log_failed_request: Request ‘OPTIONS’ from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ (callid: [email protected]) - No matching endpoint found

Trunk config:
Inkoming - nothing

There is no way in the world you could have had pjsip on 5060 and chan sip on 5060. Its never worked like that. Ever.

in config, CHAN_SIP uses 5160/5161, PJSIP - 5060/5061
but provider use CHAN_SIP on port 5060

as I understand it:
TRUNK from the provider’s side, it works on CHAN_SIP, from my side - PJSIP
Or how?

I tried to completely disable PJSIP immediately after installation and use only CHAN_SIP, but after updating the modules I get the same error. Probably from the provider changed the settings? And they now also use PJSIP?

Unless you are doing a SIP REGISTER with the provider, they have no idea what IP or PORT your PBX is listening on unless they’ve been told by you where to send calls. If you’ve only given them an IP without a port they will assume 5060.

Basically providers send calls where the user says send calls to, same with OPTIONS, etc. That is done one of two ways. 1) You REGISTER to them which provides them that information or 2) You setup your account with them to route requests (Calls, etc) straight to an IP:Port destination.

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