No incoming caller ID when transferred to the cell number

Hi guys,

I’m having issue where caller’s caller ID is not shown during call flow, it basically shows PBX’s DID instead so person is not aware who’s calling.

Here is how’s that call flows:

Inbound route
Time schedule
Ring group------> Extension list to cell #------ no caller ID!

Can it be Change External CID Configuration in the ring groups module?

Any advise would be highly appreciated!

With new laws in place forwarding caller id may no longer be allowed. Most carriers will only allow you to use a number you own

To expand on the previous, ITSPs that allow arbitrary caller ID to be forwarded have given VoIP a bad name, e.g., in the UK, it is common for phishers to present the published, incoming number, of a bank, and it is very common for them to present random numbers, or ones similar to that of the victim (to prevent blocking, and to make them think it might be someone they know).

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Oh, is it something very, very recent? I switched SIP to try out and this happened.

STIR/SHAKEN deadline was the 1st of this month.

Please explain what you have changed. From POTS? PRI? Different provider/carrier?

Which country? In the US, if the provider/carrier supports it (e.g. Bandwidth via AnveoDirect, though there are many others), you can send a caller ID that is not yours and the carrier will sign it with “B” attestation (they know the customer but not the number). At the receiving end, with default settings, the mobile carrier will withhold the “Verified” indication, but will not block or otherwise interfere with the call.

I am assuming that you are forwarding to staff mobiles. They need to be instructed to not choose the option (with their mobile carrier) to block B calls or send them to voicemail.

Another thought: I doubt that your issue is STIR/SHAKEN related, which typically causes calls to be labeled as spam/scam, or blocked outright. I suspect that either your outbound caller ID is not formatted or in the proper header as the provider expects. Did they provide documentation on how to send caller ID?

I have to see. The client doesn’t want to ring on cell anymore now, so no longer an issue.
Where do I format outbound caller ID? Thanks.

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