No incoming call!

I cant recieve in coming calls i can see that my number is hitting PBX and then i hear the “Number you dialed is not in service”

—.— Executing I352350152oefrozn-sip-external:1] NoOp(”SIP/
790”, “Received incoming SIp connection from unknown peer to 3523501520”) in new
—.— Executing [35235o152o9rrom—sip—external:2) Set(”SIP/147i.135.32.221-0822f7
90”, “DIDs35235o152o”) in new stack
—.— Executing I352350152o0from—sip—external:3] Goto(”SIP/—o822f
790”, “ss11”) in new stack
—.— Goto (from—sip—external,s,1)
—.— Executing [sOfrom—sip—external:1] Gotolf(”SIP/147.13s.32.221—0822f79o”,
Olfrom—trunkI3SZ3SolS2OI-l”) in new stack
—.— Executing (sOfrom—sip—external:21 Set(”SIP/147.135.3a .221-o822f79o”, “TIM
EOUT(absolute)s15”) in new stack
—.— Channel will hanguP at 2009—04-22 16:41:57 UTC.
—.— Executing [sefrom-sip—external:3] Answer(”SIP/”,
9 in new stack
—.— Executing [søfrom—sip—external:4] Vait(”SIP/—0022f79o”, “2”
in new stack
—.— Executing (s9from—sip—external:5) PIayback(”SIP/147. 135.32.221—0822f790”,
“ss-noservice”) in new stack
—.— <sIP/—o822f790> PIaying ‘'ss—noservice’ (Ianguage ‘en’)
=e= Spawn extension (from-sip-external, s, 5) exited non–zero on ‘SIP/147.135.3
2 .221—0822f790’
—.— Executing [hOfrom-sip—external:1] NoopC”SIP/”, “Ha
ngup”) in new stack
—.— Executing [hOfrom—sip—external:2) Set(”SIP/147.135.32 .221—0822f790”, “DID
s”) in new stack
—.— Executing [h8from-sip-external:3] Goto(”SIP/—0822f790”, “SI
1”) in new stack
—.— Goto (frow—sip—external,s,1)
—.— Executing [s8from—sip—external:1] Gotolf(”SIP/147. 13s.32.221-o822f79o”,
02rrom—trunklsll”) in new stack
—.— Executing [sefrom—sip—external:2] Set(”SIP/147.135.32 .221—0822f790”, “TIM
EOUT(absolute)=15”) in new stack
—.— channel will hangup at 2009—04—22 16:42-:02 UTC.
—.— Executing [sOfrom-sip—external:3] Answer(”SIP/147.13s.32.221—0822f79o”,
‘9 in new stack
—— Spawn extension Cfrom—sip—external, s, 3) exited non-szero on ‘SIP/147.i13s.3
2 .221—0822f790’
localhosttcLl> •

Go to inbound Routes, add a new route, leave all fields blank except at the bottom where you set the Destination, save the route, apply changes.