No incoming call with ESXi 5.1 & FreePBX 3.211

Hi there,

I just finish setting up the PBX on the ESXi host and I moved all the configurations over. Then I found out when I dial into the PBX, I don’t hear anything and the call gets terminated.

I only have 1 trunk and the trunk is online. It is registering with my provider as well. I spent 3 hours on the phone with the provider and we tested using X-Lite. The conclusion from the tech support was something to do with ESXi doing a double NAT (because the router provider gives me does a NAT itself) and therefore, screwing up the thing.

I had a physical box running PBX behind that router and it was working fine this morning. I just took it offline and booted this virtual machine up (with almost identical config). I can’t get around to call into the PBX… I am not in the office right now so I can’t try to dial out from the phones…

Can somebody suggest where to start looking?


Sky, that’s what the tech told me too but I sat there for at least 2 hours and can’t find where to set that… Can you please point me in the right direction?


The interface in the ESXi box has to be in bridge mode.

I am not an ESXi guy. You define it when you create the machines network interfaces and the type of network adapter that is created for the VM.

Hi Sky, Thanks for the reply. What you had mentioned can be done with VMware Workstation but its not something that you can set in ESXi… (or at least I haven’t found out how).

Sure you can. You have to set it up in vshpere client.

I just checked one of my boxes, simply select the esxi machine (top of the tree) then configuration/hardware/network.

Create a vswitch and bind it to a physical port.

That’s it.

Thats what I did to create my data and phone vswitches… each vswitch is bind to a different physical port.

Ok, what is the IP of the inside (LAN) interface of the providers router and subnet mask?

What is the IP address of the FreePBX instance and subnet mask?

Here is the setup

Phone network:

Phones have IPs ranging from .2 to .119

From the PBX, I can ping router, outside world (IP and URLs).
From other boxes (physical and virtual), I am able to ping the PBX

PBX is a VM on ESXi.

Well there is no double NAT, it’s on the same network. Did you try turning off the firewall (service iptables stop) on the FreePBX box?

You can also turn sip debugging on in Asterisk and see if you see the packets coming in.