No Inbound Trunk Ringback


I’ve recently installed and configured FreePBX v2.11.0.2 and everything is working except for one issue. I setup a trunk with FlowRoute and all is working except that outside callers are not getting a ringback tone when dialing into the IVR. There’s only silence until the IVR message plays. I added the following to the Asterisk SIP Settings but to no avail.


I then emailed Flowroute Support and received the following instructions.

“Your system is not providing the necessary 180 or 183 response to indicate ringback, instead it is providing a 100 provisional response, delays for about 5 seconds, then provides a 200 OK and connects to an IVR recording. Your system needs to provide a 180 or 183 response to generate ringback for calls. Please adjust your dialplan or consult with your system vendor to address the missing 18X response.”

So I installed the dialplaninjection-0.1.1m.tgz module but I have no idea how to insert a 180 or 183 dialplan response code for all inbound calls originating from outside the FlowRoute trunk. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Send the call first to a brief announcement, maybe one second of silence, then to you IVR.