No inbound CNAM on PJSIP trunk

We are finally migrating away from Elastix and we built a test server with FreePBX 14 on Asterisk 15. we have been teaching ourselves PJSIP. I have successfully got everything run on PJSIP including the trunks with one exception. we don’t seem to be receiving CNAM from the trunk on inbound calls. This did lead me to cid superfecta and while its cool it randomly causes huge lag in answering(up to 9 second delay from call to ring) on our dual core atom boxes.

I am interested in knowing if its something with PJSIP that causes a problem with the trunk. We use Vitelity and have never had inbound CNAM issues before. all previous boxes where Elastix so I really don’t know if this is a FreePBX thing or a PJSIP thing or even an asterisk 15 thing.

It’s probably a PJ-SIP thing.

There are several PJ-SIP unique settings that control inbound and outbound CID, plus there are some additional header that may need to be queried for CID.

If that seems like a lot of Googling, you could convert the inbound trunk back to Chan-SIP and go to town that way. The two SIP drivers can easily coexist.

First, log into the Vitelity portal, go to My Numbers and check that “Inbound CNAM is enabled” for the numbers in question. If not, enable the feature (choose $0.009/call or $1.10/month).

Next, look at the SIP for an incoming call and confirm that the name appears in From, Remote-Party-ID or P-Asserted Identity. If it doesn’t appear anywhere, open a ticket with Vitelity.

If the name is present but pjsip isn’t populating CALLERID(name), write a little custom context code that fetches the name from the appropriate header and sets the Asterisk variable.

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