No inbound call and sms are able to reach the system

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Since I migrate our system no inbound calls and sms are able to reach the system, outbound call and sms works fines. Where should I’d look first.



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And also I’m not able to dial to toll-free numbers and when dialling 933 (911 address verification) it doesn’t work, It tell me that all circuits are busy or sometime I have no audio but the counted go forward (time counter on the phones screen) but for that, I don’t know if the call go through.

Someone can tell me which logs or any other informations to provide here to help fixing that issue?




In Asterisk SIP Settings, confirm that External Address and Local Networks are correct. Restart Asterisk if changed.

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What I’ve got is:

In Asterisk SIP settings I’ve got:

They are the forwarded ports:
TCP 80
UDP 5060
UDP 10000-20000

Do I need to forward the port UDP 5160?




That would be totally up to your VSP. Check with them if they even have a 933 to call.

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Hi dicko!

I’d open a ticket at them, waiting now for their reply. For the 933, yes they’ve got one because it works before. I thinks because our IP change (normal in the fact that it is not the same ISP any more due that we’ve self hosting our PBX now, our IP probably get blocked at them (SIPStation).

Would gonna see, I will post some updates here at the moment I’ve got some, so if some folks got the same issues they will know a little bit more what to do. :wink:

Thanks for your help, very appreciated! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Everything works except the ability for us to call toll-free numbers (US & Canada). The issue was related to bad configuration in Asterisk SIP Setting. Now it look like:

Since then call can get in and out without any issue (except for toll-free issue that I’m working with Sangoma tech to fixing it).