No in-call transfer

It seems like it should be so simple but I just can’t make it work. I look at my FreeBPX server’s Feature Codes page and I see

In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer (*2) X Enabled In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer (##) X Enabled

So if I’m in a call I should be able to just hit “## 20” or “*2 20” on the dialpad to transfer the call to extension 20, right? When I do that the caller on the other end just hears the tones and the call continues. The call is not ended or transfered.

I thought there might be a feature code conflict with my Linksys PAP2T, but the same thing happens when I try it from Ekiga (sip) and Kiax (IAX), so the problem is not unique to the Linksys ATA, it’s system wide.

Am I doing it wrong? Is there some other setting somewhere that I have missed?

Asterisk (from ubuntu repos)
Linux 2.6.27-11-server (from repos)
Ubuntu 8.10 x86_64

All software is up to date.


Check the file /etc/asterisk/features_general_custom.conf.

Play around with the value for featuredigittimeout.

The default is 500, change it to 2000 and see what happens.

Also, make sure the dtmf mode as set to rfc2833 on both the phone and
the extension configuration.