No hold on Outgoing calls



i’ve setup a FreePBX with a public IP Adress and the CLient are behind NAT. Everything is working good, except holding outgoing calls.

If a call comes IN to the PBX and I click the “hold” button on the Client i am hearing Music on the other side - working

If i call from the Client and click on hold I hear nothing and can’t get that call back.
When i set “sip debug on” i can see the call processing but while clicking on hold nothing happens there.

Anyone have an Idea or so?



Okay a “pjsip set logger on” shows

On an Inbound call
From: sip:40@62.XXX.XXX.XXX;tag=7d882f

On an outbound call
From: sip:40@PBX_IP;tag=
To: <sip:40@LAN IP OF CLIENT>

Like on the Outbound call the PBX treis to send stuff to the LAN IP of the Client. But Audio is working

(Itzik) #3

Can you please paste the content of the debug output to and then share it here?


Sorry for the late answer

The Problem solved - It was a bug in the telephony software

Thank you :slight_smile: