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No Handset Function on Aastra 6739i

(Matt) #1

I just deployed freepbx in a small business office with 1 sip trunk; 1 incoming & outgoing for it… all is working well with the exception of the handset function. I am using Aastra 6739i w/firmware and it works when using the speakerphone but I can not get it to function or get any calls through the handset. Any suggestions on resolving this?

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Sounds like either the handset cable is not plugged in correctly or the handset/cable is defective. I know of no config option that can cause this.

(Dave Burgess) #3

Look for mechanical failures, to include a stuck hookswitch or a bad hookswitch inside the phone. The latter is common on many popular phones, notably the “self cleaning” accuator on the Cisco 79xx series.

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