No GUI after new Install - cxpanel issue?

I see this topic has been discussed but please forgive me - I do not understand the “fix” as I read the issue. After I did a clean install of FreePBX, from downloaded Freepbx-stable32.iso, Asterisk 11, on a clean server, could not get to the GUI - unless I moved the cxpanel directory out of the modules directory. I also disabled the iSymphony V3 Module which I really do not need anyway. I now see my GUI but I do not see a “System Admin” option under the Admin tab now - I am hesitant to continue with this new install. I needed to do this because my system got hit with mgknight and I could not permanently get rid of it.

If I re-install the cxpanel module 3.1.1 - I loose my GUI. Do I need cxpanel? Can I get a more detailed FIX ?

Thank you

If you don’t use iSymphony, then you don’t need it’s dependant cxpanel, you should uninstall both specifically Uninstalling/disabling iSymphony on it’s own does not seem to properly roll down it’s dependencies behavior.

There was a new release of cxpanel published today which may have caused issues for a small subset of users. This has since been resolved. To fix this we recommend you delete the /var/www/html/admin/modules/cxpanel directory and then update the module via Module Admin if it’s something you are currently using.

Thank you - I removed the cxpanel directory and disabled iSymphony V3. I had to install the System Admin module and the User Manager from the Module Admin option. I can now get to the GUI to continue my configuration.

Hopefully all I need to do now is copy my configs from my compromised system to this new install.

Thank you all !