No free lines available message

Hello all, I am new to VoIP and have been reading as much as possible on this site. I just recently setup a FreePBX server with version along with 7 Cisco 7960 phones. I currently have one SIP trunk registered with as well as one DID I’ve been using for testing. Trunk settings in FreePBX are set to 8 maximum channels.

The system is now operational and can receive and make calls, call internal extensions, etc… However, while testing the total number of concurrent calls I’m able to make, I am receiving a message of “no free lines available” when trying to create the third call.

To test, I dial American Airlines from one of the 7960’s, place that call on hold, create a new call to AA, place it on hold. However, when I push the “NewCall” soft-button in attempt to create the third call, I get the “no free lines available”.

I created a ticket with as I thought they may be limiting the trunk to two concurrent calls. They advised that they default to 5, but went ahead and changed it to 8 on their end. They also do not generate any errors such as “no free lines available” and believe the problem is on my end.

I took a look into the SIP{MAC}.cnf files as well as the SIPdefault.cnf for anything pertaining to number of enabled lines but found nothing. Also, I see nothing in the FreePBX settings. Has anyone seen this behavior with a 7960? Any suggestions are appreciated!!

well now, I may have been too quick to ask someone else what I may be overlooking. When I do the same scenario as spelled out above, but instead of creating a third call on the same 7960, go to another 7960, I’m able to create two concurrent calls on that phone as well (while the first two calls are on hold). I tried this up to 8 calls (on four different phones) and it works.

In other words, it appears that I have learned that each 7960 can make only two concurrent calls but that the actual trunk can make up to eight concurrent calls. Sorry to waste anyone’s time and thanks to all the people providing excellent tips on this site.

That’s a limitation of the phone. You can of course select another line appearance and stack another two calls.